Cloud Storage and Data Synchronization; The Importance in the 21st Century

by Dafe


Cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which data is stored on remote servers accessed from the internet, or cloud–the cloud in this case being hypothetical and not the actu

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by Gigasec Services


WannaCry is still fresh in our memory, reminding organizations of how distractive an unpatched vulnerability can be especially if weaponized as a wormable threat that delivers ransomware. BlueKeep

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Digital Oilfield Untapped Resources

by Gigasec Services


Offshore telecom operators and O&G companies untap hidden business potential with PointLink Access


Are you servicing or operating in the offshore oil and gas (O&G) indu

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Digital Security Systems for Homes and Offices

by Gigasec Services


There is the common saying that God protects all lives. But it will be unfortunate on our part to test faith by total disregard of our safety, and the safety of those who put their trust in us. Her

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