Digital Security Systems for Homes and Offices

by Gigasec Services


There is the common saying that God protects all lives. But it will be unfortunate on our part to test faith by total disregard of our safety, and the safety of those who put their trust in us. Here in Nigeria the increase in crime on homes and offices have brought concerns that should be met with quick and adequate form of security. The safeguard of life and other valuable is a sure way to protect our overall investments, gained over the years in what we see as a very difficult time in our economy. To a parent who has to be away from home but needs to be sure her kids are safe, or a security officer tasked with protecting the lives of staff in a working environment or office, the common desire between both is peace of mind. And this can be achieved by investing in security system for either homes or offices.


How does it work? - Normally when we say security, people conclude in their minds that it is just about keeping burglars away from the premises. That may be true to an extent but security system can go the extra mile in the world of security. With the improvements in technology on telecommunications, security systems not only trigger alarms in cases of intrusion but can now offer the user multiple ways of using the full potential of the system. From remote view of activities happening within your premises to actual controls of features such as doors, gates, lights, sockets while away from the building. 


Is it worth it? - Being able to determine if security is worth it in your home or office, certain questions need to be asked by a user. “Is it a waste of money?”, the answer comes after considerations are put into the valuables worth protecting and if this evaluation includes lives and priceless hair looms, then the answer is a big Yes. The capability of a system to drive away buglers and other criminals is a wise investment. And should the crime eventually happen, the security system will leave tangible evidence that will lead to the capture of the criminals as well as recovery of stolen properties.

Types of Security Systems: -Most times properties are lost to disasters such as fire due to late response to impending crises. But the use of alarm systems such as gas, fire, smoke and motion detectors integrated into your security system will help speed up measures against total destruction of properties.


How to decide: - It is always important to specify what valuables or interest you would like to protect. This helps to effectively deploy the right security system for your home or office as well as preventing unnecessary expenses towards the cause.

GIGASEC services has a wide product range of systems solution to suit all budgets and requirements. We offer full-service installation, support, monitoring services, and integration and access management security systems, we can also takeover and rectify issues with existing systems. We also offer FREE site surveys and quotations.



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