Digital Oilfield Solutions

Gigasec Services and partners combine and collaborate multiple state-of-the-art technologies to integrate project, process, realize whole life cycle management, service all-in-one integrated platform with visualization, coordination, simulation, intelligence, optimization and standardization.

  • • Tape Transcription for Data Service
  • • Do you require connectivity in your remote location?
  • • VSAT Broadband are expensive and has high latency, do you require superior connectivity solution?
  • • Do you need to monitor any aspect of your infrastructure? Fuel tank, valves, flanges, CCTV, Access Control?
  • • Do you still have a paper-dependent operation that needs to be digitized?
  • • Do you need a Help-Desk / Service Desk support for your remote ICT operations?
  • • Network Monitor, System Fault Diagnosis and Process
  • • Displaying the Production Processes in Real-Time
  • • System Emergency Shutdown and Failure Protection

Tape Transcription for Data Service

Gigasec and partner offers a complete set of tape transcription and remastering services from bit-for-bit copy, reformatting and demultiplexing of old legacy formats, to standard SEGY.
We have capacity and capability to read, recover and remaster data from any magnetic media or disk ever used throughout the industry’s history of recording seismic data. From original analog tapes to new 3592 technology, we can handle all of your data requirements, no matter the recording technology. Our tape transcription services include: .

  • • Bit-for-bit tape copies
  • • Demultiplexing
  • • Reformatting
  • • Navigation merges
  • • No permit exclusions
  • • Network Monitor, System Fault Diagnosis and Process
  • • Complex data extractions or cut-outs

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