Conventional Photoelectric smoke detector

Conventional Photoelectric smoke detector


OT 302 Smoke Detector is designed in super-thin style. With a unique optical sensing chamber designed to sense smoke particles produced by a wide range of combustion sources. The sensing chamber is sealed against back pressure air flow, dirt, and insects. This chamber is protected by a fine mesh screen which can be cleaned or replaced. Its hardware filter can verify the true fire and reduce false alarm.



  • Super-thin
    design for thickness, just 38mm.
  • Adopt
    SMT technology, firmly, high security and antijamming
  • Special
    methods for dampproof, antisepsis and mildew proof.
  • With
    inner mothproof net and shield cover
  • Flame
    retardant thermoplastic
  • Easy
    plug-in structure
  • SEMS
    screws for easy wiring
  • 2-wire
    without polarity

voltage: DC20V~DC28V
Standby current: ≤60μA  Alarm current: 20mA ± 3mA
Operating environment:
Temperature: -10~±50℃
Relative humidity: ≤95%
Dimension: Diameter 100mm Height 38mm Weight 138g



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