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Video-Based Fire Detection

See it before it spreads

When it is vital to detect fire as early as possible. AVIOTEC IP camera with built-in video analytics has trained algorithm that detects flames and smoke directly at the source. The device can therefore detect fires faster than a common point type detector on a ceiling.

The main difficulties of today’s fire alarm systems are the early detection as well as the distinction of alarm sources like fire and smoke from other disturbances.

Bosch’s AVIOTEC system delivers more accuracy than any other video-based fire detection platform on the market. The VdS-proven camera technology and intelligent software algorithms analyze the video footage directly in the camera. There is no additional processing unit needed, reducing installation efforts and costs.

Watch the video to learn how AVIOTEC works.

At a glance

▶ Detection of flames and smoke
Identify even hidden fires, smoldering fires and
burning liquids.

▶ Fast detection at the source
Detect fires where they start, speeding up
reaction times, improving rescue response and
minimizing damage at the site

▶ No masking necessary
Detect fires using the camera’s entire field of
view in most cases.

▶ Intelligence in camera
Detect disturbances using raw data with no
transmission or compression.

▶ Live streaming
Monitor environments live and speed up rescue
response times.

▶ Video storage
Perform root-cause analyses with recorded

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